Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Finding the Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Meal Plan for Weight Loss Review

Ok, so you all already know that I’m a big fan of building a meal plan for weight loss, and I’m constantly looking for ways to make the process of meal planning easier and more convenient. In today’s post I want to review a software that promises to do just that. The short review is, [...]

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Daily Diet Meal Plan – How To Build It

The most challenging part of working with clients is helping them to build a daily diet meal plan . Most clients come to me asking me to build a meal plan for them, unfortunately, this approach is never, and I mean NEVER, effective. Life is complicated and ever changing, to be successful with weight loss, [...]

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Best Weight Loss Meal Plan

I have read literally thousands of articles, studies, and books on the topic of weight loss throughout my career. The one thing that is clear to me is a good program that you will follow consistently is far better than a great meal plan that you will not follow. This brings me to rule number [...]

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Meal Plan for Weight Loss – Why You Need It

This post describes why we must meal plan for weight loss success. Your weight loss meal plan will be the most important step in building a successful weight loss program. Find out why meal planning for weight loss trumps exercise and how you can find time to make food for your health and fitness lifestyle. A meal plan for weight loss is the first and most important step to successfully losing weight.

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Who Am I

Hello! My name is Ray, I'm a nutritionist, pharmacist, and personal trainer who has been on a quest to find the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.

As a child, I was overweight and didn't even know it until a girl named Kelly broke my heart by calling me fat...actually, her exact words were, "You're fat, give me back my shoe." It's a long story for another time...

I have concluded that the meal plan for weight loss is far more important than exercise. Sure you need both but the diet plan for weigh tloss is 80% of the picture while exercise and activity is 20%.