Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Finding the Best Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss Meal Plan

I have read literally thousands of articles, studies, and books on the topic of weight loss throughout my career. The one thing that is clear to me is a good program that you will follow consistently is far better than a great meal plan that you will not follow. This brings me to rule number one of building the best weight loss meal plan.

Rule #1: Choose a “Doable” Meal Plan Over a Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss

There is no virtue in going on a diet that you have no chance of following for a lifetime. I don’t care if you decide that a low carb, low sugar meal plan is the

best weight loss meal plan

approach; if you can’t easily follow a low carb approach for life, then there is no sense in setting yourself up to fail.

Rule #2: Build Systems For Meal Planning

This speaks, once again, to being able to manage something for life. Look, life is complicated, if we don’t build a system, our efforts will almost always fail. We are creatures of habit, if we don’t build our meal planning into a habitual process, we simply won’t succeed. Every Sunday, I make meals that I can freeze for the week. It is like clockwork, that way I know that when a moment of laziness hits me during the week, and it always does, that I have something healthy and handy!

Rule 3: A Healthy Meal Plan for Weight Loss Is Almost Always Lower-Carb

Look, as I said, I have read a lot of articles on weight loss. I have interviewed and counseled hundreds of people on weight loss. Generally a low-carb, low-sugar meal plan is going to outperform a higher-carb, low-fat approach. There is no doubt about it, low-carb eating requires a little more effort, so build a meal planning system.

Rule 4: Look for Shortcuts

I am always looking for easier, faster, more convenient. I found a software that systematizes the process of building an easy meal plan for weight loss, you can download it online here: In addition, those who know me know that I am not a chef, I am a “food combiner”. Think

easy meal plan for weight loss

, not culinary masterpiecesFor example, when you are making meat chili, think easy not perfect. I will buy prepackaged chili spice, combine it with a can of tomato sauce, a can of kidney beans, and a couple pounds of meat…let it cook, then put it into single serving Tupperware and freeze. Very easy, very fast!

There are few things that fat loss researchers agree on, but one thing that they do agree on is that the best weight loss meal plan is the one that you will stick to. That’s what this blog is about!

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Hello! My name is Ray, I'm a nutritionist, pharmacist, and personal trainer who has been on a quest to find the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.

As a child, I was overweight and didn't even know it until a girl named Kelly broke my heart by calling me fat...actually, her exact words were, "You're fat, give me back my shoe." It's a long story for another time...

I have concluded that the meal plan for weight loss is far more important than exercise. Sure you need both but the diet plan for weigh tloss is 80% of the picture while exercise and activity is 20%.